• Erica G.

  • Minneapolis, MN


Melissa has been doing my hair extensions for nearly 9 years!! She is the BEST in the Twin Cites!  She is fast, the extensions last a long  time and they always look perfect!  She is fabulous at matching my ever changing color so the extensions look natural!!
I highly recommend Melissa for hair extensions, blowouts, up-dos or an on trend hair cut!!


  • Erin M.

  • Minneapolis, MN


Melissa has been doing my hair for almost 2 years now and she is simply amazing! I heard about her from a friend & am very thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her!
She is extremely focused on making sure that you as the client are taken care of while you are in her chair. Whether it is her attention to detail in her work or her amazing personality...it makes going in to see her fun! Melissa is very talented and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that wants took look and feel better!


  • Lindsey D.

  • Minneapolis, MN


I started seeing Melissa for hair extensions.  I never thought that I would be able to afford them, let alone keep up with the maintenance, but Melissa made this possible.  My hair was able to grow naturally underneath, and the extensions were AMAZING!!!!  No one knew my secret, they just thought I had long, beautiful, thick hair.  Melissa has also given me amazing cuts without the extensions, and I was even confident enough in her to try a pixie cut, which I loved as well!  She is very professional and fun, and I look forward to going to my appointments!  I highly recommend her!!!!!!

  • Stacey S.

  • Clearwater, MN


Melissa has been doing my hair for years and I am always thrilled with the results. I actually drive over an hour to see her. She 's that good! Her techniques are always cutting edge & she knows just how to do all the latest trends but in a way that works for your hair type & face. I always get compliments on my hair.

  • Casey T.

  • Minneapolis, MN


I have been seeing Melissa for over ten years and I always walk out of the salon satisfied, feeling and looking great! Melissa is an extremely talented stylist. Whether I'm just getting a trim or making a dramatic change, she will talk through it, so I feel comfortable and am happy with the end result. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone that is talented, caring and professional!

  • Shanea S.

  • Saint Paul, MN


I was referred to Melissa by a friend 3 years ago. At my first appointment I told her she could cut all my hair off because I was sick of my damaged natural curls. Although she reassured me we could correct the damage with a few appointments, I let her cut 11inches off! It turned out absolutely wonderful and I have been loyal to her ever since. I've never found one person I like so much to continue going to, but I'm so glad I have now. My only regret is not finding her before I got married so I could have had a great updo on my special day. She continues to work with me on my current plan of growing my hair out and I hope to use her expertise in extensions in the upcoming year for added thickness. At every hair cut appointment, she styles and always teaches me new technique and how to do it myself.  Melissa is AMAZING!

  • Kara D.

  • Minneapolis, MN


Melissa Cable is the only hairstylist in the Twin Cities who I will let cut my hair!!!  When I first moved up here, I used to fly home every 3-4 months to get my hair cut (and to visit friends and family!).  I did this, because every time I tried to find a replacement in the Twin Cities, I felt that they didn't really listen to what I wanted or needed and did not provide a great haircut for my hair and my needs.  Finally after 3 years of this, I got tired of having to go home to get my hair done.  So, I did a little research amongst friends and online...and I found my way to Melissa.  I haven't gone anywhere since, and it's been 5 years.  She does a fantastic job.  She fully understands my incompetence with hair product and styling, and she gives me a great cut and style.  I don't have to do much outside of a blow dry, and my hair still looks great.  I travel a lot, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair (even from hair stylists in NYC, etc at friend's weddings).  She's also given me some really solid styles for special events.  Melissa is a talented hair stylist, and with the added bonus of her delightful personality, I'll follow her all over this city if needed to have her continue to do her great work on my hair!

  • Gwen F.

  • Glencoe, MN


Melissa is the BEST stylist I have been to!  I have been a client for the last 2+ years and have noted improvements to the overall style and health of my hair and extensions.  I have quite fine, thin hair and my actual hair outgrows my extensions.  Overall, my hair has never been in better health and it is very nice to have the extra boost with extensions.  The extensions are set so perfectly that I can do about anything with my hair and they are always covered up.  In my opinion, I don't even think a professional would be able to spot that I wear extensions.  I was never able to get my own hair to grow past my neckline and now it is down to the middle of my back and looks fuller than ever before even without the extensions. Melissa is a top stylist!


  • Rachel D.

  • St Paul, MN


Melissa is by far the best hairstylist I have ever had, and I've been through A LOT. I have thick, unruly, curly hair that Melissa has helped me to grow from a pixie cut to longer than shoulder length over that last 2 years. I was worried about the growing-out process, but she has given me great haircut after great haircut along the way. She is always willing to take the time and listen to my thoughts about what I want, no matter how disjointed. She is very gifted and her attention to detail and sense of style are impeccable. She is always incredibly friendly and warm, while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. She's a joy to work with and you will love her!!!

  • Meisha J.

  • Minneapolis, MN


You will just love Melissa!  Not only is she insanely talented with an extreme eye for detail, creativity and mastery, but she's also a true professional with a heart of gold.  I've been seeing Melissa for several years- and working in the TV industry, my hair and its outcome is very important.  In a competitive industry such as cosmetology, it's important to find someone trustworthy and genuinely gifted.  LOOK NO FURTHER!  Melissa is everything you want in a stylist with all the bells and whistles.  It's an honor to write a review on her behalf, she's THAT good.


  • Natalie S.

  • Chicago, IL


Melissa is amazing!! I had a lot of hair issues before i saw her. I decided to go ahead and get some extensions with her because i always saw how beautiful and natural  her clients hair looked after she was done with her appointments! My mom and I asked a bunch of questions about the weave being done to my hair, and if it would make me have more hair loss and it has been the greatest thing i could have done for my hair. Melissa takes her time, and is very precise with every move. Her extensions look so real!! I cannot tell you how many friends and family members compliment me on my hair every where i go. Also I work in a hotel, and so many guests checking in love my hair. I fly home from chicago just to see her, because she is the only person i trust to take care of me. I highly recommend using Melissa if you are looking for fabulous hair, whether it's for extensions or for a trendy hairstyle. She is so easy to get along with, and listens to what you really want your hair to look like. Choose Melissa Cable! She is by far the best!


  • Danielle O.

  • Minneapolis, MN


Melissa is the BEST! I found Melissa 6 years ago when I called a salon and asked for someone who enjoyed working with long hair. They paired me with Melissa and I have had the best hair of my life ever since. I like Melissa not only because she a great stylist but because she takes the time to tell you what she's doing and shares techniques for getting the best style at home. She also helped me come up with a style for my wedding which I had to do myself in Mexico. Melissa is also  active outside of the salon. She does some amazing work for editorial and other creative endeavors such as the RAW awards, etc. I have a lot of respect for Melissa as a hair stylist professional and also as an artist.


  • Megan R.

  • Hopkins, MN


I have been a loyal client of Melissa's for over 5 years! I went through A LOT of stylists before finding the right one, and I won't let anyone else touch my hair but her! Melissa always listens to exactly what I want and helps to keep my very, long, thick hair looking healthy and beautiful all year-round! Melissa also provides her clients with a very friendly and professional experience. I would recommend Melissa to ANYONE looking for a new stylist or in need of any bridal or special occasion needs!