On-Location Bridal Contract

Bridal Party Information

A Non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is due upon booking your wedding date. The deposit will go towards the final balance due and will assure your date is reserved.

An IN-SALON trial run is mandatory for the bride at least 2 weeks before. The trial can only take place at The Hair District Salon located in Uptown. 

On-location services require a minimum of $425.00 within a 30-mile radius from Minneapolis. Otherwise, additional travel charges apply of $0.60 per mile per stylist (round trip) will be charged on travel outside of a 30-mile area.


The bride is responsible for parking fees incurred by stylist(s) at the wedding location.

One stylist, Melissa A Cable, will be guaranteed on the wedding date. She will be available for requested services for 6 people, including the bride. If there are 7 or more people requesting services, another stylist must be hired on to help assist Melissa A Cable. This will be necessary in order to complete a larger wedding party; or a for very early ceremony due to timing.


If your party does require additional stylist(s), Melissa A Cable has a list of referrals, and can handle hiring the additional stylist(s). *Note: pricing may be slightly different per additional stylist added.


  • Stylist(s) may be booked for an additional hourly rate to service in touch-ups or hair changes throughout the day, as well.

An on-location payment must be paid in full on the wedding date.  The total amount due is based on the wedding day services requested per contract.  The total fee is due to Melissa A Cable as described, regardless of internal arrangements between the bride and others receiving services.  Payments can be paid via cash or credit.  


Please provided the following for on-location:
Electricity within reach of work surface
No set up near toilet or sink
Lighting or lamp near work area
Chair (small back—please no bar stools)


Please be advised that cancellations or any modifications to the appointments must be made no later than 4 weeks before the scheduled appointment.  

Failure to cancel within the 4 week grace period will result in your credit card being charged the full payment due plus the non-refundable deposit of your booked service(s).

When booking your on-location bridal party, a completed bridal contract is required with along with the following information:
Name and affiliation of each client
Style requested for each client  
Length and Texture of each client
A credit card that will be valid for the date of the wedding



If you have any questions please contact Melissa at melissa.a.cable@gmail.com                       



Bridal Party Information: (Please Print)


Wedding Date: _____________________  Ceremony Start Time: _________________ am / pm

Arrival Time: _________________ am / pm     Fully Ready By: ___________________  am / pm

Location: _______________________________________________________ Room #___________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City:____________________________________________ State:____________ Zip:_____________

Total number in wedding party receiving services, including bride _____________________
Bride’s name (First and Last):________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City:____________________________________________ State:___________ Zip:______________
Contact Number Cell:  ___________________________ Home:____________________________


Credit Card #________________________________________________ CVC #________________

Name on Card: _________________________________________________ Zip:_______________


Signature of
Credit Card Holder:___________________________________________ Date:________________


























































Wedding Planner Name:____________________________________________________________


Email:________________________________________ Phone:______________________________



Any other comments or questions?



Please complete and deliver or email to the respective location.

Melissa A Cable
The Hair District
802 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408


Within 24 hours of receiving your booking request you will be contacted to confirm availability to secure your bridal party booking.

This contract, along with a non-refundable deposit of $100.00
is due before ANY date can be held for the wedding or the date will be released and made available on a first come, first served basis.  

A receipt of this contract will include the total amount due on the wedding date along with a detailed schedule for the bride.

Should the stylist(s) have a personal emergency that prevents them from performing services as agreed, all efforts will be made so that a replacement stylist will be present to perform the contracted services.  Should an emergency occur so last minute that no stylist can be made available, all fees paid prior to wedding day will be refunded in full.


                                                  (print name)
understand and agree to all the conditions stated in this contract.”

Bride: __________________________________________________  Date:____________________



Before The Wedding

It is required that the bride book a trial run at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding, allowing you to communicate and plan for your desired look before the big day.  At that time, please bring any hair accessories or extensions you plan on using for the wedding. It’s also a good idea to bring photos of your dress and a few potential hairstyles.

  • Note: a second practice may be needed if the hair is something you decided to change.  There is a charge for every trial.   

If you have a member of your bridal party that may be apprehensive or unsure of their hairstyle prior to your wedding, please offer them the opportunity to come in for a trial run.  A 15-minute complementary consultation may also clear up any questions of concerns.  This will avoid any full re-dos of their hair and keep us on schedule.      

Photos can be a great help to communicate what is wanted.  Please take a moment to explore my Pinterest account.  I have created personal inspiration boards to aid you with your vision.  

Any hair cutting or coloring services should be done 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding.








Shampoo and blow dry your hair with minimal product.
No flat ironing; as this can affect how your hair will hold or curl.
Wear a zip-up sweater or shirt that does not go over your head.
Please arrive for your appointment on time. If any member of the bridal party is late the lost time will compromise the quality of the bridal party's complete look.

Bring pictures to aid in communicating the look you want and remember time will be of the essence.

Please list in the questionnaire the length and style desired for each attendant (for example: half up, fully up, down style, clip in-extensions add, etc.).

To ensure your services go smoothly, please share this information with your bridal party

Day of Wedding